Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi

Here’s the thing about baby corgis, nobody believes they’re a real kind of dog.  Do not get a corgi puppy, especially a blue merle cardigan corgi, if you value your privacy.   People will jump out of their cars to talk to you about your dog.  First, they will ask what kind of dog he is.  Then, they will tell you that he is not a corgi.  They will tell you he is an “interesting mix.”  Sometimes they propose that he is an Aussie-Basset or maybe a husky mix.  It is best just to nod agreeably because you will never convince a doubter that he really is a corgi.

Junior corgis are particularly marvelous vocal stylists.  But that’s another day…

Author: Juliana Jensen

Juliana is a traveler, dog lover, cancer survivor, gardener, artist, beginning contemplative, and, of course, a walker.

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