Walking Llamas at Agape Hill Farm in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

If you’ve always wanted to walk a llama, then it is worth the long drive to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to visit the Agape Hill Farm.  Agape Hill, in Hardwick, Vermont, is an ideal destination during leaf peeping season if you are looking for a reason to drive through the brilliant countryside.   Since we actually had always wanted to walk a llama, we made a reservation and set off.


After making our way to northeastern Vermont, we met Nancy Kish, the very kind owner of family-run Agape Hill.   As we roamed around the farm, she showed us the goats, the sheep, the pigs named Bacon and Sausage.  She told us about Pomco, the restless rescue llama who jumped the fence and tried to impregnate all the ladies.


And she showed us Trainwreck, the wry-mouthed cow.


Then we were introduced to our llamas. The website says that they “carefully match our llamas to each visitor according to comfort level and personality.”  Well, bad news for me because my llama, Lolly, was kind of a stinker who only wanted to eat and was not in the mood for a walk.  Hmmm, maybe not so far off after all.  On the other hand, Miss Fluffy’s llama, Mahea, was an angel.


Lolly’s slight reluctance to move along didn’t detract from the joy of the experience, however.  We traded llamas and Lolly seemed to be much better behaved for Miss Fluffy.  There really is something soothing about strolling through the gorgeous countryside at the side of a llama.


Agape Hill does a lot of things other than accompanying wayfarers on llama walks.  They run a program for special needs students, who often relate better to the llamas than they do to other people.    Their dedication to serving this population is deep and reflects their greater ambition to show an “agape” love:  self-sacrificing love for others.

After our walk, we received our pins, rummaged through the gift shop, and went on our way.


It was a wonderful day with some very cute llamas and a really nice person.


Author: Juliana Jensen

Juliana is a traveler, dog lover, cancer survivor, gardener, artist, beginning contemplative, and, of course, a walker.

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