Here’s a beauty: a kimono scarf step by step

Well, after the To Celebrate Life scarf went to the highest bidder when the auction closed, a disappointed bidder still needed a scarf.  So, I made this one.  First, a trip to the kimono rack to pick out something really beautiful.


This will do nicely!  A kurotomesode–a heavily embroidered kimono traditionally worn by married women-from the Ichiroya Flea Market.  The small circle at the top is a family crest–one of five on the kimono.


After taking it apart gently, I need to repair the gold embroidery.


Here’s how the original embroidery looks on the back side, if you’re interested.


And, while we’re at it, here are the front and back of an embroidered flower.


Now that I have the main piece, time to find some pieces that will work with the colors.



And start to lay them out.


And then, start to construct the scarf.






Finish the ends, line with beautiful cream-colored silk with shibori cranes, hand-sew the final seam, and it’s finished!




P.S. This all takes a lot longer than it looks like it does.

Author: Juliana Jensen

Juliana is a traveler, dog lover, cancer survivor, gardener, artist, beginning contemplative, and, of course, a walker.

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